Limited Edition ft. Rachael Fahim

Limited Edition ft. Rachael Fahim
Limited Edition is an NFT Content series Liquid Ears sponsored to support local up and coming artists.

Rachael Fahim is on the rise, becoming one of Australia's most-streamed female artists with an impressive 13 million streams. After taking some time away to create her debut album, she is now eager to unleash it onto the world! Her newest single "City Girls in The Country" has arrived - a powerful fusion of country pop and rock that will shake even Nashville bars during its singalongs.

We sit down with Rachael and talk about her experience in the music industry and before testing her music knowledge with our #guessthattrack challenge. 

Here we have our infamous #guessthattrack challenge which we ask the artists to guess the track we play them on a pair of our headphones. Can you guess before Rachael can?

Did you mange to guess the tracks before Rachael? We have more to come with the up and coming artists and bands.

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