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Limited Edition ft. BOI

We sponsor BOI, an indie pop singer song writer from Newcastle

Limited Edition ft. Bow and Arrow

We sponsor Bow and Arrow, an eccentric electro soul trio with a unique sound

Limited Edition ft. Rachael Fahim

We sponsor Rachael Fahim, one of Australia's most popular country artists to preform her latest single

betterincolor. ft. SupImBianca - Loop

betterincolor is a live music content series promoting amazing home grown musical talents each month. This month, we sponsored betterincolor and superstar, song-writer SupImBianca to perform two original songs and an amazing cover. The third song released is Bianca's original "Loop"  Make sure to check out the rest of the...

betterincolor. ft. SupImBianca - Maniac

SupImBianca covers Michael Sembellos classic 80s Maniac track in her own soft #goosebumper version. Turn up the volume and close your eyes, this is a good one.

betterincolor. ft. SupImBianca - Arcade

betterincolor features SupImBianca in June 2022. Here Bianca preforms her original song "Arcade" and nails every note.

betterincolor. ft. SupImBianca - #guessthattrack

We give SupImBianca a #guessthattrack challenge during the betterincolor BTS session using our Focus ANC Headphones. How many can you guess?